Wireless WiFi Positioning solution in pipe gallery

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 system introduction

    The positioning system is a positioning service system (hereinafter referred to as the system) specially developed by our company for the industrial project site demand. The system is composed of Guangpu cloud + AC + AP + terminal app + map server. After the on-site wireless WiFi equipment installation is completed, 2D or 3D map is drawn according to the actual terrain of the site, and the local map can be provided or authorized by Party A In order to draw, when a mobile device with app is authorized and installed and enters the site plant or underground pipe gallery and connects with our AP equipment, app will send the equipment identification code and field strength and other important information to the AC server through the AP device. After the AC server validates the equipment data, the positioning data will be encoded and transmitted to the map server. The map server will display the data, and the cloud platform will be responsible for the authorization Right AC and terminal equipment and update positioning data.

    The positioning system has been used in many projects and updated iteratively to optimize the algorithm. Based on the traditional RSSI and fingerprint algorithm, the algorithm structure is optimized and gradually evolved into the company's unique positioning algorithm structure according to the actual use effect of the project. The algorithm not only refines the positioning accuracy, but also improves the stability of positioning, providing continuous refinement for the project positioning system Accurate positioning information service.

Applicable scenarios

    The positioning system can be used in petroleum and petrochemical plant area, coal mine roadway and municipal underground pipe gallery and other industrial field environment. It can be used in high-risk and harsh environment such as explosion-proof area. It has a wide range of application scenarios and high positioning accuracy.

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Architecture process description

    When the positioning system is put into operation, the equipment authorization and data update need to be authorized by the optical common cloud. After authorization, the positioning service system can be used. After the staff carry the mobile terminal equipped with the positioning app of the company into the plant area or underground pipe gallery, the equipment will automatically connect to the wireless AP, and exchange data with AC according to the connected AP, and AC calculates the terminal's After the location information, the location information is sent to the map server, and the map server displays the location status of equipment and personnel.

Positioning effect

    According to the site environment, the positioning accuracy of different AP points is different. After the actual use of the project, the positioning accuracy is about 10-20 meters.

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Positioning terminal app

    This app supports the installation of Android system devices, and can adapt to the latest installation system version. After installation, you can simply configure it.

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