Scheme of river monitoring network

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Project background:

     The shortage of water resources has become a global problem. With the development of economy, the contradiction between the increasing demand for water and the shortage of water resources forces all countries in the world to seek effective solutions. Therefore, we should adopt modern means to build a real-time monitoring system of water resources, dynamically grasp the changes and utilization of regional water resources, maximize the control of the use efficiency, automatically monitor the rainfall and water regime in the region, realize the timely collection and accurate transmission of rainfall and water regime monitoring data, and quickly and accurately query and divide all kinds of water resources information and flood control and drought relief information Analysis and treatment is an urgent need to promote the sustainable development of economy and society. Therefore, Chengdu Remote Control Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a water resources remote monitoring system, which is an automatic network management system combining software and hardware. Real time assessment, real-time prediction and real-time management of water resources in the region are realized; real-time monitoring of key engineering images, opening of government affairs, online approval of water resources related business and office automation of daily management of port and waterway administration are realized, and river management business work and office automation are combined together.

    The system adopts advanced wireless video transmission technology, and supports client monitoring of C / S structure and IE browsing of B / S structure

    It also supports mobile phone monitoring anytime and anywhere.

User requirements:

    It is planned to install wireless video monitoring system and water level telemetry equipment in each river channel, and install remote monitoring system in the monitoring center. Because the monitoring points are in remote mountainous areas and in the wild, there is no broadband transmission conditions. If optical fiber is rented, the cost will be too high. Therefore, WLAN wireless video monitoring technology is adopted to cooperate with the current 4G Data transmission can fully meet the requirements of conventional video monitoring and data acquisition.

    Throughout the current wireless transmission technology, using WLAN transmission scheme is the most economical, practical and stable operation. This system uses the most advantageous WiFi wireless data transmission technology based on 2.4G, 5.8G band. The system takes high-efficiency image compression algorithm as a means, takes WiFi wireless transmission as data transmission mode, and realizes effective real-time image monitoring of remote operation site through information interaction between field terminal and monitoring center. Line scheme for video transmission.

Scheme topology

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River video monitoring system adopts a new generation of digital, networked and intelligent video monitoring technology, supports the leading video and audio coding algorithm, has strong network processing and intelligent integration functions, and can provide industry network video monitoring solution integrating image monitoring and alarm linkage.

Wireless video monitoring topology

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A VPN server is set up in the system to open the video monitoring port and account number for the supervision department, so that the monitoring linkage center of the supervision department can know the latest video access, video control, retrieval, playback, download and other operations of the system video through the public front-end video situation. The storage server is deployed in the monitoring center, which can meet the requirement of video image historical video backup of wireless monitoring point for more than 15 days.

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1. The 1200 megabit industrial outdoor AP external directional antenna (antenna selection depends on the specific environment) is installed along the river to realize the wireless coverage of the northern part of the two channels from the north bank to the south bank; the wireless AP installation is carried out on both sides of the river according to the site conditions, and the 1200mbps wireless AP waterproof and anti-corrosion IP67 structure is adopted. Wireless coverage of the northern part of the two channels from the south bank to the north bank is realized;

2. 950M wireless client equipment is carried on ferries and river law enforcement vessels. Wireless links are established with coverage devices on both sides of the Strait to transmit wireless video monitoring image data.

3. The wireless access equipment along the river is connected to the wired network on the ground, and the digital video collected by the ship borne monitoring equipment is transmitted back to the monitoring and command center of the river center wharf. Working principle: a. the wireless access equipment establishes communication with the ship borne wireless remote network bridge to receive the returned digital video; B. the wireless access equipment is connected to the wired network, and the monitoring and command center of the river center is through the cable The network communicates with the wireless access equipment along the river; C. the wireless access equipment communicates with the monitoring and command center server of the river center wharf through the wired network, and then transmits the digital video image back to the monitoring center.

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The structure of the wireless remote monitoring point is shown in the above figure, including wireless transmission system and network camera. The water-proof and shockproof integrated network camera used by law enforcement vessels collects analog video signals. The wireless transmission system includes wireless remote bridge and external omni-directional antenna, which are connected by RF feeders. The wireless network system is directly used to connect the wireless remote bridge and the wireless network camera, and the digital video is transmitted back to the wireless access points along the river through the wireless remote network bridge.