Lora wireless meter reading application scheme

2020-12-18 14:35:58 17

     Based on the current trend, automatic remote meter reading is the direction of future development, that is, only one or more base stations are deployed to read the Lora water meter in the whole community, and then through the 2G / 4G network of the operator, the water company / water company can remotely read the water meter data in the office, and the automatic remote meter reading can be realized. Through Lora protocol, automatic remote meter reading of water meter is realized. It supports two-way communication, real-time on-off valve and real-time point reading. The meter end is normally in low-power mode. After the concentrator sends the meter reading command, the water meter at the specified address will wake up and read the meter. After that, it will continue to enter the low-power consumption, effectively reducing the power consumption of the meter end. It has valve control function and emergency water use function. Long transmission distance, stable products, convenient for customers to install water meters.

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