Wireless automation solution for logistics warehousing

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     For logistics warehousing enterprises, it is particularly important to deploy a high-speed, stable, safe and reliable information network. This kind of enterprises need to be able to quickly and detailedly count all kinds of data and information of goods flow and turnover in the face of complicated freight transportation and turnover work. By establishing a stable and reliable information network, the management and operation ability of enterprises can be improved rapidly.

     The digital application of logistics industry has its own characteristics: overhead open wire should be avoided in logistics warehouse as far as possible. Considering the operation of large lifting equipment and the movement of personnel and goods, it is almost impossible to use overhead line; however, a considerable part of operations have mobility, so wired communication mode is not allowed. Therefore, using wireless communication system to solve the communication problem of logistics industry is a very practical and effective method for logistics business digitization and convenience. With its wireless bridge supporting high mobility, strong confidentiality and strong anti-interference, opsonko has established a complete set of wireless automation solutions for the logistics industry, which can meet various wireless automation applications in the logistics industry.

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Wireless networking system of frontal crane

(1) On board computer networking

The on-board computer of the front crane shall be connected with the computer server of the management center to facilitate the driver to share the container dispatching information with the server of the management center.

(2) Video return of front mounted crane

The front crane is equipped with a camera, and the video needs to be transmitted back to the monitoring center in real time, so as to timely monitor the driver to standardize the operation and eliminate the occurrence of potential safety hazards. With the movement of the front crane, the traditional wired layout is unable to achieve, so a set of wireless automation system needs to be established. 5.8G frequency wireless base station is set up in the yard for signal coverage; 5.8G professional vehicle mounted wireless bridge is installed on the front crane. The on-board computer and video are collected to the vehicle bridge through the switch, and the data is uploaded to the base station by the vehicle bridge, and finally the base station is transmitted back to the management center through optical fiber or wireless.

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Inspection and wireless cargo area coverage

The traditional wired electronic code scanning gun has great limitations, so a wireless code scanning system should be established. A wireless base station is arranged in the cargo inspection area to cover the area. The PDA connects the base station network and uploads the information to the base station. The base station transmits the code scanning information back to the management center server through wired or wireless form

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Automatic control of storage system

Wireless control system of unmanned carrier (Shuttle / board, AGV car)

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(1) Stereoscopic warehouse (Shuttle / board)

   Shuttles completely replace human handling in the stereoscopic warehouse, but the environment of the three-dimensional warehouse is complex, and the shuttle needs to go deep into the shelf to pick up objects and block seriously. The traditional Bluetooth, infrared, laser can not meet the market demand, so it is necessary to use wireless network to form a network shuttle car to make it more flexible to realize wireless control. By setting up a wireless base station in the warehouse and covering the warehouse signal, the shuttle car integrates the wireless client with the base station network. The operator connects the base station signal through PDA, sends the control command to the base station, and the base station sends the command to the shuttle car, so as to realize the total wireless automatic control system. For the small three-dimensional warehouse receipt shuttle, the car can use the client with AP function, and the PDA can directly connect with the shuttle and control it.

   For logistics equipment manufacturers, guangpusenke has launched a special AP and client for unmanned carriers. Its industrial grade wide temperature design from - 40 ℃ to 75 ℃ is suitable for all kinds of high-temperature places and low-temperature cold storage places, and its coverage effect is better than that of general brand products.

(2) Deep processing workshop (AGV car)

     The birth of AGV car completely replaced the manual handling, greatly saving the labor cost. At present, AGV manufacturers and shuttle car manufacturers are facing the same problems, but most of the manufacturers' wireless applications are mainly based on ordinary modules. The AP coverage area is small, and the client receiving sensitivity is low. Dozens or even hundreds of units need to be arranged in large workshops AP, but the signal interference is too large, the switching effect is poor, and often crash, there is no avant-garde solution in the market, and the competitive advantage with peers is not obvious.

     For this reason, opsonko is applied to AGV automation just like the wireless system used in stereoscopic warehouse. If the occlusion is not serious in a large workshop, only one AP is needed to realize the coverage without dead corner. AGV car integrated with opsonko client can realize normal communication with base station no matter where you go.