Wireless transmission scheme of tunnel monitoring network

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Project description

Tunnel video monitoring system is an important supporting project and infrastructure in tunnel construction. It provides image transmission for the operation and management of departments at all levels, and ensures the efficient operation of locomotive!

System design overview

Tunnel monitoring system is different from the security monitoring system of residential area and building. The system in the community and building is combined with security patrol management to achieve the combination of civil air defense and aircraft defense. The tunnel monitor system monitor the tunnel completely, so the system's requirement for equipment is higher than that of the monitor system in the cell. Stability is the first requirement. The performance and advanced nature are also factors that the system must consider.

Transmission is an important part of the whole system, and the quality of its signal transmission directly affects the quality of the image. Therefore, the selection of transmission equipment is particularly important. There are many wireless bridge schemes used in tunnel transmission system

Design description

The system is applied to tunnel CCTV system to collect traffic video information along the tunnel. The monitoring sub center judges traffic conditions and other abnormal conditions according to the image information, so as to take necessary control measures.

The system consists of three parts: front-end equipment (video acquisition), transmission equipment (signal transmission), monitoring center equipment (control host).

Front end equipment

The front part of the system refers to the process of video acquisition and output image to optical fiber. The front-end part of the camera must have the requirements of illumination, sensitivity, weight, life and volume of CCD. In addition to meeting the above requirements, it must also be suitable for the site conditions, including indoor, outdoor, ball type, gun type, fixed or rotating, etc. The front-end cameras are distributed around the tunnel and the ore transportation platform. According to the above selection conditions and site requirements, the integrated fixed camera is adopted.

Wireless bridge networking topology

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The tunnel video transmission is generally in the form of wireless bridge. Due to the particularity of the tunnel, it is not convenient to assume that the cable is wired. The 300 megabit optical proximity wireless bridge is used once, and the gp-ab350 5.8G frequency band is strong in anti-interference.

System function description

After the completion of CCTV system, the main functions are as follows:

1. Timely receive and handle traffic accident and emergency alarm. The monitor can switch to the picture of the alarm location, control the video recorder to record automatically, and automatically record the number of the camera, the time of the accident and other information.

2. It can realize the networking of the whole network video system, which can be connected through the hard disk video recorder.

3. Video management software for front-end screen switching control.