Application scheme of wind turbine wireless WiFi coverage

2020-12-15 16:43:37 24

    The wireless solution of wind power project is designed based on the function, performance and technical indicators of WiFi wireless system within the unit, and meets the requirements of WiFi coverage business in the unit.

    The overall objective of this scheme is to design a network scheme that meets the specific requirements of GB 15629.11-2003 for remote communication and information exchange between information systems, local area network and metropolitan area network part 11: wireless local area network media access and physical layer specification.

    The wind turbine is a wireless signal blind area, which is not conducive to the work of voice and video service transmission and personnel operation in the fan. Therefore, the realization of safe, convenient and effective wireless terminal access can improve the network use experience of internal terminal business and personnel operation of wind turbine, and promote the development of wind telecommunication information management and service.

The specific construction contents include:

*realize 802.11n Wireless full coverage of fan tower bottom, tower barrel and tower bottom;

*construction of wireless system security access authentication system, including docking with the maintenance system of the control center;

*Build a wired and wireless integrated management platform.

The project wireless coverage is used for data transmission of wireless terminal equipment or wireless camera. Considering that most of the users are mobile terminals, due to the insufficient power of the terminal network card, the uplink signal is poor. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the AP deployment distance to meet the user's use effect.

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According to the requirements of the project, two wireless cameras are planned. Each camera has 4Mbps code stream (or a single 8m camera) and subsequent voice access (100kbps). The return flow of each fan station is about 10Mbps.

According to the wind turbine structure and scene characteristics, gp-ap1200 industrial AP is used for wireless coverage, which is used to access wireless camera or wireless terminal equipment data. The access rate of gp-ap1200 is 1200mbps, which fully meets the bandwidth requirements of the project.

Two GP-AP1200 industrial grade APS are equipped in the engine room of single fan. One gp-ac500 AC server is deployed in the center, which can realize unified AP configuration, unified upgrade, automatic configuration distribution and software update. AP and AC can realize fast roaming.

One GPEM2126G Gigabit convergence switch is deployed in the network core, and two Gigabit Poe switches are configured in each fan to provide power supply for the cabin AP.

GPEM2126G uses Gigabit electric port to access gp-ac500 AC server, and uses star / ring networking mode to connect wind turbine tower base switches and Poe access switches through single-mode optical fiber;

Poe switch uses 100m Poe electrical port to provide Poe power for wireless AP, and forwards the data of AP covered terminal equipment to the center.

The wireless construction needs to plan the location and orientation of each AP access point through the overall coverage field survey of the engine room. Relying on the stable basic network architecture, the industrial wireless AP access point is deployed to form a comprehensive wireless network coverage in the wind turbine.

Wireless deployment design

The external high-power antenna is adopted to ensure the 150 meter radius coverage under barrier free conditions and the penetration ability of multiple obstacles in close distance, which fully guarantees the signal quality in the coverage area. The enclosure design with IP67 protection grade achieves the anti lake, high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant and other indicators. Meanwhile, the built-in directional + external omnidirectional antenna is used for wireless flexible coverage.

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The high-power GP-AP1200 industrial AP is used for distributed deployment, and the whole wireless coverage in all corners of the wind turbine is realized by planning the signal coverage area.

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The AP at the bottom of the tower and the AP in the engine room are respectively deployed in the tower barrels close to both ends. The installation position is selected according to the aircraft. The directional antenna is built upward for wireless coverage, and the effective coverage radius is about 200 meters. Tower barrel AP achieves full coverage of coverage signal to tower bottom and aircraft through feeder function and omni-directional external antenna.