Wireless network coverage scheme in Campus

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Overall demand of WLAN wireless campus network


Secure and convenient access authentication method ensures the security of the network

Fine access control strategy to ensure the Department information security

Encrypt the data transmission to prevent hackers from stealing and tampering


It can switch quickly when moving in the park to meet the needs of mobile office

Sufficient Internet and Intranet bandwidth to ensure smooth access to office applications


Wireless continuous line, no interruption, can not affect office efficiency due to wireless network problems

Good network redundancy and fault tolerance, wireless network is stable in use all year round


Intelligent environmental monitoring, energy control, channel management, visitor self-service

Intelligent office, public resource utilization, enterprise nanny service, virtual front desk service

Industrial IOT and surrounding services

WLAN campus wireless network framework

Combined with the user's wireless network demand, combined with the technical characteristics of opsonko products, in order to meet the needs of building a high-speed, stable, safe, reliable and easy to manage wireless access network in the park, the design scheme is designed according to the structural wireless network solution of AP + AC + industrial switch. According to different scenarios in the park, different AP types are selected for wireless coverage, such as indoor ceiling AP for office building, omnidirectional high-power wireless AP for warehouse, and outdoor high-power industrial AP base station for outdoor public area of the park, so as to realize wireless coverage of the whole park.

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WLAN wireless coverage

Office building scene coverage

Office building such indoor scenes have the characteristics of large number of access users and large coverage. For ordinary scenes, indoor dual band AP is adopted, which supports three installation methods: ceiling mounting, wall hanging and desktop installation. The installation mode can be selected according to the specific situation of the coverage target; for high-density user scenarios, indoor 802.11ac high-performance can be used AP, with its excellent performance such as high throughput and high user concurrency, can meet the requirements of wireless access and provide enterprises with high-quality paid network services and unified network access management platform.

Staff dormitory scene coverage

There is a typical feature of dormitory building and apartment building in the park: the room structure is unified, the wall is densely distributed, and the wireless signal attenuation is serious. If the traditional corridor placement deployment is adopted, AP is deployed in the corridor, and the signal enters the room through the wall, which makes the coverage effect discount.

Main scheme: ap-1200xd is used for wireless deployment, and the concealed box of the panel in the room is replaced directly, so the deployment of wireless network can be completed quickly, ensuring that every dormitory is full of signals, greatly reducing the construction and not damaging the room environment design;

Alternative scheme: adopt the scheme of centimeter feeder, introduce the antenna into the room through the feeder, improve the signal coverage effect, one AP can cover 4-8 rooms, and ensure that the room is full of signals.

High density scene coverage of conference room and dining hall

In the campus canteen, gymnasium and other high-density user scenarios, the traditional wireless deployment scheme often has serious co frequency interference, which results in the equipment multi-user processing capacity and transmission bandwidth greatly reduced, the signal full grid is always unable to connect, and the network becomes "flashy but not real".

With 802.11ac high-density coverage solution, a single AP provides wireless Internet service with higher throughput and faster access. The wireless signal coverage is dominated by 5g, supplemented by 2.4G. By making full use of 5g spectrum resources, 13 non-interference and non overlapping channels can be realized in the same space. In addition, the 2.4G network spectrum should be reasonably planned to reduce the same frequency interference.

Outdoor public area coverage

The equipment deployed in the outdoor public area of the park is often exposed to wind, rain and sun. It is required that the outdoor equipment must have high protection ability, waterproof and lightning protection, and simple installation and maintenance. The outdoor special AP is used to cover the outdoor area of the park, IP68 Professional level protection capability, supporting fully enclosed waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, fire-proof, sun proof, etc., it can still be used normally in extremely harsh outdoor environment, and can effectively avoid adverse outdoor weather and environmental impact, whether in the humid South or the cold north. In addition, WDS network can expand the wireless coverage and return distance.