Indoor Wireless AP

GP-XD1200 1200M Gigabit dual band wireless indoor AP

GP-XD1200 is a high-performance, high-speed indoor 11ac dual band ceiling AP. It can provide 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz dual band wireless services by using professional industrial grade high pass chip. It has

  • Model: GP-XD1200

GP-XD1200 is a high-performance, high-speed indoor 11ac dual band ceiling AP. It can provide 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz dual band wireless services by using professional industrial grade high pass chip. It has two Gigabit WAN / LAN ports, and the maximum wireless rate can reach 1200mbps. The wireless environment is cleaner, the wireless access is more stable, the wireless access users are more and the wireless speed is faster, It supports 2.4G and 5g dual band WiFi, and is equipped with two groups of independent signal amplifiers (PA) and LNA respectively. It adopts omnidirectional 5dBi high gain antenna, which has longer wireless coverage distance and stronger wall penetrating ability. It also supports intelligent channel analysis and automatic selection of optimal channel to reduce interference and delay and provide stable wireless network signal.

GP-XD1200 adopts the latest high pass customized chip optimization algorithm, which has strong anti-interference ability, high bandwidth, high standby capacity and strong stability. At the same time, it supports the integrated mode of fat and thin, graphical fast configuration mode, typical functions: access signal threshold limit, multi virtual SSID, maximum client number limit, VLAN, QoS speed limit rules, WDS, national and regional settings, advanced RF mode, etc.

Supports 802.11b/g/n and 802.11a/n/ac standards

Integration mode of fat and thin

Diversified access authentication methods

Adopt flame retardant material body design

Wireless access 128+

Hardware performance
CPU QCA9563 + QCA9886 +QCA8334
Flash 16MB 
DDR 128MB 
PA_2.4G SKY65174-21 
Maximum rate1200Mbps 
Maximum support for wireless access


software function
Working modeAP (fat thin mode switching), universal relay, gateway mode, wireless ISP mode
Wireless functionSupport 4 SSIDs, hidden SSID, wireless encryption, wireless MAC address filtering, WiFi timing off function, multicast acceleration, user isolation, transmission power setting, and wireless client number limit
Network functionVLAN settings, DHCP server, cloud platform server
device managementBackup configuration information, restore configuration information, restore factory configuration information, restart including scheduled restart and immediate restart, firmware upgrade, time management including system display time and time synchronization, system log, support local unified management function
RF parameters
2.4G working frequency band2.4GHz – 2.484GHz 
5.8G working frequency band5.150GHz ~ 5.850GHz 

2.4G WIFI transport protocol   

802.11 b / g / n
5.8G WIFI transport protocol 802.11 a / n / ac 
2.4G wireless power



802.11n HT20:MCS7\25±2dBm,MCS0\28±2dBm 

802.11n HT40:MCS7\24±2dBm,MCS0\27±2dBm 

5.8G wireless power


802.11n HT20/MCS7/21±2dBm/MCS0/25±2dBm 

802.11n HT40/MCS7/20±2dBm/MCS0/25±2dBm 

802.11ac HT80/MCS9/19±2dBm/MCS0/23±2dBm 

2.4G receiving sensitivity





5.8G receiving sensitivity802.11a/54M/-72dBm/6M/-90dBm 

802.11n HT20/MCS7/-70dBm/MCS0/-88dBm 

802.11n HT40/MCS7/-68dBm/MCS0/-86dBm 

802.11ac HT80/MCS9/-58dBm/MCS0/-85dBm 

2.4G EVM

802. 11n:  ≤ -28 dB

802. 11g:  ≤ -25 dB 

802. 11b:  ≤ -10 dB 

5.8G EVM802.11a_54M: ≤ -25 dB ;802.11n_MCS7: ≤ -28 dB ; 

802.11ac_MCS9: ≤ -32 dB

Interface and power supply


Built in 2.4G omnidirectional antenna, gain: 5dBi

Built in 5.8G omnidirectional antenna, gain: 5dBi

WAN1 10 / 100 adaptive WAN / LAN port, supporting Poe power supply
Status indicatorWAN 
power supplyPOE power
Supply voltagePOE48V
Maximum power consumption<10W
Environmental and physical performance
working temperature  -40 ~ 80℃
Storage temperature-45 ~ 85℃
Humidity (non concentrated)5%~ 95%(No condensation)
size182mm×131mm×65mm(length × width × height)
Installation and fixationL-shaped bracket with U-clamp; diameter of holding pole:Φ30 ~ 50mm 
Special design

IP67 protection level, electromagnetic shielding, wind protection, sun protection, shock proof and heat dissipation design 

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