4G Router

GP-R550D 5-port 4G dual mode dual card wireless router

GP-R550D series 4G dual mode dual card router is the wireless communication router of the Internet of things developed by our company. It supports fdd-lte, tdd-lte, WCDMA (HSPA +), CDMA2000 (EVDO), TD

  • Model: GP-R550D

GP-R550D series 4G dual mode dual card router is the wireless communication router of the Internet of things developed by our company. It supports fdd-lte, tdd-lte, WCDMA (HSPA +), CDMA2000 (EVDO), TD SCDMA 3G / 4G mobile broadband network system, providing users with convenient and fast network transmission function. This series of products use high-performance 32-bit professional network communication processor, embedded real-time operating system as the software support platform, providing users with safe, high-speed, stable and reliable 3G / 4G wireless routing network, providing 4 LAN ports, 1 Wan ports, 485 / 232 and WiFi interface wireless router.

Industrial Design

High performance industrial wireless module * 2

High performance industrial 32-bit processor

It supports low power consumption mode, including sleep mode, timing online / offline mode and timing on / off mode

Cold rolled steel shell with sheet metal has good heat dissipation.

Power supply: + 5V - + 32V DC

Protection grade: ip34 (can handle to ip51)

Stable and reliable

The software and hardware watchdog and multi-level link detection mechanism are adopted to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment

Multiple device self-test mechanism to ensure smooth link and alarm

ESD protection of each interface to prevent electrostatic impact

With wireless network signal indicator light, three levels of display field signal strength

Network characteristics

Support port traffic detection

Support link real-time monitoring

Support multiple VPN protocols (PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, VPN)

Support serial port simple DTU function

Support UPnP

Remote management

Remote parameter configuration

Remote parameter backup

Remote restart and log query

Remote device upgrade

Equipment online monitoring

Support WiFi mandatory advertising push function

Functional characteristics

Downward compatible with GPRS, edge; extended support for 4G LTE network

Support 1 x LAN + 4 x LAN, provide standard RS-232 / RS-485 interface

Support WiFi, support ieee802.11b/g/n

Support wired network and wireless network backup

It supports hardware WDT and provides anti dropping mechanism to ensure the data terminal is always online

Support PPTP, L2TP, GRE VPN protocols

Support SNMP management protocol

Support DHCP, DDNS, firewall, NAT, and DMZ host functions

Support ICMP, TCP, UDP, Telnet, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS and other network protocols

Design of SIM / UIM card against theft and falling

Support base station and Wi Fi hybrid positioning

Extended functions

Support dual mode and dual card [optional]

Support single mode dual card [optional]

Support GPS / Beidou Positioning [optional]

Support internal storage expansion, 8gb-64gb [optional]

Hardware performance
CPU High performance high pass processing chip
4G band



HSPA(850/900/1900/2100MHz)/ GSM850/900/ 1800/1900MHz EV-DO(800MHz)


Theoretical bandwidth




Transmitting power23dBm+/-1dB@25℃ 
Receiving sensitivity


software function
Working mode

Wired / wireless / compatible


AP mode, client mode

routeSupport PPPoE / static IP / dynamic IP

Serial port

Support DTU transmission mode

Support tcpserve / tcpclient

UDP support

Support Modbus Protocol

VPNSupport PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and other protocols

device management

Local configuration, remote cloud configuration

Interface and power supply
communication interfaceSupport RS232 / 485 communication
WAN1 WAN port, adaptive MDI / mdix, built-in electromagnetic isolation protection
LAN4 LAN port, adaptive MDI / mdix, built-in electromagnetic isolation protection
indicator lightWith "PWR", "Wan", "Lan", "net" four indicators
Antenna interface1 standard SMA antenna interface (3G / 4G), characteristic impedance 50 Ω; 1 Aux / GPS reserved antenna interface
SIM/UIM Interface3V / SIM card with 3V interface and automatic detection

By pressing this key for 10 seconds, the parameter configuration of the device can be restored to the factory value

power supply

DC power supply

Supply voltage

DC5V ~ DC36V (standard configuration DC12V / 1.5A), built-in power instantaneous overvoltage protection

Environmental and physical performance
working temperature   -40 ~ 80℃
Storage temperature-45 ~ 85℃
Humidity5%~ 95%(无凝结)
External dimension153mm×103mm×25.5mm(length × width × height)
Installation and fixationFixed structure side installation mode
Special design

IP40 protection level, electromagnetic shielding, wind protection, sun protection, shock proof and heat dissipation design

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